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Top-Notch Indoor Air Quality Service

Prevent breathing problems for your family, employees, and customers with expert indoor air quality service from Cronier Air Conditioning. We can work systematically on your entire home or business to help improve your air quality through a variety of services such as duct cleaning and UV lighting. Our team strongly recommends top-quality products from Aprilaire.

Air quality work including:

  • Whole house cleaning

  • Duct cleaning

  • UV lighting installation in ducts

  • Reduction of particles in the air

Immediate effects of indoor air pollutants

People react differently to indoor air pollutants in your home or business. Reactions from a single exposure or prolonged exposure vary depending on age, preexisting medical conditions, and individual sensitivities. These reactions include headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and irritation of eyes, nose, and throat.

Long-term effects of indoor air pollutants

In addition to worsening preexisting medical conditions such as asthma, prolonged exposure to airborne pollutants can result in conditions that can be severely debilitating or even fatal. These include respiratory diseases, heart diseases, and possibly even cancer. This is why it is always prudent to improve your air quality even if immediate symptoms are not noticeable. Call 228-475-7845 today for more information. Additionally, take advantage of our $99 maintenance special.


Here is a testimonial from one of our happy customers:


“Thanks again, great service today. It’s nice to do business with an honest company. A/C out on Thursday night, A/C repaired on Friday morning. Thank you.”

- Robert Raab

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